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The Night Life is the Good Life - Chicago, IL
Dairy Foods, Oct 15, 1999 by: Gerry Clark

"The night life ain't no good life, but it's my life," B.B. King sings in the Willie Nelson-penned "Night Life." Obviously the legendary bluesman wasn't thinking about Chicago.

Especially after a day-long, on-the-dogs experience at Worldwide Food Expo, night time is indeed the right time for some well-deserved R&R...just don't make it too late (unless you literally want to hit the show floor the next morning).

The city offers action extending from theaters to music clubs to taverns and beyond, opening the door to all kinds of evening-time excitement.

In particular, Chicago boasts an explosive music scene, punctuated by a roster of authentic blues clubs (and no, House of Blues isn't one of them) that showcase some of the biggest names and premium talent to hit a stage anyplace.

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