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Best Seasons to See Europe

Deciding on which season to see Europe is a crucial part of planning your travel itinerary. Some travelers may not have a choice (because of school or limited work leaves), but if you do have a choice as to when to see Europe, choose the season wisely. There are a few things to take into account, such as the timing of special events, crowds and comparative costs between peak and low tourist seasons.

If you have already decided on which cities or countries you will visit, it is important that you look up the forecasted weather for those places and pack accordingly.Adverse weather in Europe is rare. It's rainfall you have to be wary about, so pack a raincoat or jacket, especially if you're traveling between July and August.1.

Winter - The winter months can be very cold throughout the continent and takes place from December to March. The Scandinavian countries have winter from September to May and it can be very, very cold with nights that are extremely long. Eastern Europe also has difficult winters. The temperatures in Sofia, Prague and Warsaw usually drops below freezing. Winter is not exactly the best time to visit Europe unless you're into winter sports. In southern Europe however, the climate is milder but it's also the wettest time of the year.

2. Spring - This is usually considered to be the best time to visit most parts of Europe. Spring is from March to June and a big part of the continent thaws out and days get longer. It's a beautiful time to see tulips in the Netherlands and the gardens of different castles in bloom. In southern Europe, spring is still not beach weather, but it is already comfortable enough to go sightseeing.

3. Summer - Summers in Europe can be unpredictable. Sometimes they are beautifully warm and sunny and at times it can be stifling hot. It also rains occasionally. As a general rule, summer in Europe is from July to late August and this is the finest weather of the year.

In the northern parts of Europe, the days can get exceptionally long. Even in the southern parts, there is still sunlight at 10 pm. All along the Mediterranean, summers are hot and dry and the beach gets really crowded. Most cities in Europe can get quite humid and uncomfortable in the summer.4. Autumn/Fall - Temperatures begin to cool down from mid-September and winter starts creeping in by November.

This is similar to spring climate-wise and it can also be a great time to travel. In the northern parts of Europe, the scenery turns into brown and gold as trees start to shed their leaves. In southern Europe, the days become milder but are still quite warm. Balmy nights are not uncommon in September and October.It definitely pays to do a little research on when the major festivals are taking place in the countries you will visit.

You may have to tweak your plans a little to join the party ,so you can join in the local culture and this usually turns out to be a major highlight in your trip! If you're not interested in any festivals however, try to avoid traveling through the particular city or town. Just remember that major festivals attract huge numbers of tourists and costs may also rise, so adjust your budget accordingly and reserve your accommodations in advance.

.Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Europe Vacation.

By: Michael Russell


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