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Nuevo Progreso Mexico Dental Care Pharmacies and Lots More

Living in a border town in South Texas has great advantages. People come here to spend the winter months and take advantage of being so close to Mexico. There are many towns along the border, but none with the safety, security, and convenience as a little town called Nuevo Progreso.

People flock here to buy things, such as medications, for themselves, as well as there pets. But most come for dental work. Over two hundred dentists line the streets in an 8-10 block area. No joke its hard to believe that they can all make a living.

Its slowly becoming known as the capital of dental work in Mexico.Here unlike the dental offices in the US there is no charge for exam and estimats. You don't need an appointment six months in advance and wait two to three weeks for dental work to come back from the lab. The labs are located in most cases just blocks from the dentists office. The labs come to pick up the jobs, and can sometimes have it done within the same day, using the same materials as would be used in the US. Checks, credit card and insurance accepted.

All this and one third the cost of dental work in the US.I was told about dental care in Mexico but I didn't know what to expect. I found it so hard to pay for care in the US. Even with insurance. The co pay were killing me. So I suffered for many years.

But no longer. I was told by a friend of a clinic called Rio Dental Office where on line I got the shock of my life. I could not believe the prices.

So I went for a visit and couldn't have been more happy. Good care, clean, and professional, and they speak English. You can checkout the site at RioDentalOffice.com.

Medications and dental work is what most people come here for. But the sidewalks are also lined with stands that sell hats, blankets, dresses, wood crafts, pottery, art, jewelry leather goods, and curios of all kinds. Liquor and cigarettes and perfumes can also be bought at the duty free stors at a good discount. Just pay your taxes on the way back.All that shopping can make one thirsty and hungry.

There are a variety of eateries and bars in a variety of price ranges. Taco stands on the street are popular. You could eat at one of these for about three dollars.

There are other places for fine dinning which can cost you from four to twenty dollars a person. One of the popular things to try here is called Cabrito, or young goat. Its a must try when visiting Mexico.

Plan a trip and see what this little town has to offer. Fly drive or take a bus. Bring the whole family have dental work done and save a lot of money. The trip will pay for itself.Make it soon though because the laws are going to change. Soon you will have to have a passport to come back from your trip.

Some say in 2008.


E-mail RioDentalOffice@yahoo.com.

By: John Brochis


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